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Medical Marijuana Bills have passed. This is a benefit to all Caregivers & Patients

Published by Catherine Lewis  

Im happy to share that LD1242 was passed as an emergency bill and is now law. It establishes guidelines that the OMP must follow when creating rules to oversee the medical program. They must work with program participants and be overseen by the Legislature.  

LD 939 Passed as non-emergency legislation and allows individuals aged 18-21 to work for family members as caregiver assistants (until this bill the minimum age was 21or over). It also makes a caregiver assistant's card valid for 1 year even if they work for other caregivers.  

Allows use of a digital patient certification to start a transaction, however original must be verified in person. Allows digital marketing as long as there is an opt out feature and is used for 21+ only. This bill reduces the time needed to maintain records from 7-4 years. It also eliminates the annual audit requirement. It allows caregivers to wholesale 100 percent of flower grown instead of 75/25. These new allowances take effect in 90 days. 

For months a group of dedicated individuals from multiple organizations worked together talking to our Representatives and Senators, members of the department and others to help move this and other bills forward.  

I personally was only able to be present part of the time due to multiple projects. I have to say how grateful I am for one of our other board members (Eddie Dugay) who was able to be there when I wasn't. And even more importantly members of The Cannabis Coalition, Maine Children for Cannabis Therapy, Maine Growers Group and Maine Craft Cannabis Association worked side by side as a team to get this done! Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. No egos, only the lifting up of each other and doing what's best for the collective whole. I'm so excited to see what this next year brings with everyone working together. 

Catherine Lewis 

Board Chair